Weaving a Journey

Weaving Fanatic on the Road

For decades I have enjoyed playing at fiber arts: sewing, knitting, and quilting. Two years ago, Eva Stossel, a weaver extraordinaire, (https://evasweaving.wordpress.com/) taught me how to weave on a small 4-shaft table loom. Being a bit overwhelmed with the possibilities, I invested in a 32 inch Kromski rigid heddle loom and fell in love with a new hobby.

Last summer, my husband and I purchased an 18 foot Oliver travel trailer and hit the road for six weeks with our two dogs. I missed weaving on our long journey, so I invested in a 15 inch Schacht Cricket loom that I can take on the road. I put it to the test this winter when we spent four weeks traveling to Colorado and Utah.

While traveling, the winter scenery inspired me to play with yarns and colors so as to express the beauty of what I saw. During the next few months, as I prepare for an upcoming summer road trip to Alaska, I’ll share my weaving and my past journeys as well as my musings about yarns and life.

You can find my scarves for sale on my Etsy shop (https://www.etsy.com/shop/Weavingajourney).

Our first day with our trailer, Serenity, in May 2019. It’s already traveled 12,000 miles.

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