Weaving in a Tiny Space

At home, my weaving has expanded and migrated into multiple rooms. My craft room houses yarns and quilting fabric. The office has the larger floor loom next to my desktop computer and the small loom moves to various rooms. The dining table is used to warp the loom so the weaving tools seem to spread out across the house. (So, yes, the house is generally a bit chaotic. It’s lived in.)

Our travel trailer is only 13 x 6 feet and I like to brag, and has 4 rooms– kitchen, dining room, bedroom, and bathroom and two good sized dogs. So I had to get a little creative to warp the loom and weave in the trailer since it was rarely above freezing during our trip. For warping the loom, I attach the loom to the large table and we attached a hook to the bathroom door for the yarn. For weaving, it’s most convenient to attach the loom to the kitchen sink and I weave standing; this isn’t a bad thing after a long day’s car ride.

Warping the loom requires a lot of shuffling of bedding and yarn into and out of the car.
Loom attached to the kitchen sink so Benny and Jackson can stretch out on the bed.

Needless to say, I’m hoping the bugs aren’t too bad so I can weave on the picnic bench this summer.

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